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About Us

Hi!  Im Jasmine and welcome to Oh Boy!  I am a 29 year old first time mommy of the sweetest baby boy ever!  The idea for this blog came to me shortly after Drake's birth when I went shopping for him.  Drake was a surprise baby so we had a lot of gender neutral items but after he was born I wanted to get him some boy stuff.  It hit me after wandering into a few baby stores that the vast majority of baby stores were dedicated to girls and the selection for boys was not only small but lacking a great deal in the cute, fun department.  After that I spent whatever free time I had online looking for cute things for my baby boy, saving links and categorizing things for later purchase.  Then it occurred to me that I wasn't the only mom of a boy searching for cute, stylish, and fun things for their little man and thus Oh Boy was born.  

A Little More About Us

fur mama to Griffin, Hunter, Dexter, Ellie, and Aidan
love bags, skirts, tank tops, and coats
picture obsessed
shopping is my cardio
girly girl
Libra child
i swoon for amy sol's brilliance
historical fiction enthusiast
trivial and useless knowledge expert
domestically challenged
gentlemanly gestures sweep me off my feet
happily married ♥ though if Edward Cullen was to call in the form of Chace Crawford...
professional napper
former Vicky's employee
technologically impaired (thanks goodness for Paul)
cruising is the only way to travel
forever an optimist
word lover and collector of quotes
hues of lavender and lilac tickle my fancy
chocolate aficionado
a child at heart and in action
memory savant
Blair Waldorf is my fashion inspiration
spelling is not my forte
hope to start showing Cavaliers in the near future
wanna be beach bum
speed reader
star gazer
obsessed with rose gold
creator of new words and alterer of existing ones
adore giraffes
argyle rocks my socks


fur papa to  Griffin, Hunter, Dexter, Ellie, and Aidan
bleeds blue for the NY Rangers
technology savant
kind hearted
loves to tinker
could sleep under the stars every night
innovative teacher
follower of Frank Lloyd Wright
embodies small town values
do it yourself er
appreciates art, wine, & good bourbon
house renovation master
world's worst speller
coffee lover
happily married <3
sillier then he lets on
best Warcraft partner
former track star
self taught guitarist
adores Clark Griswald
beach boy at heart
Minecraft legend
sarcastically witty

biggest smiles for mama
Jumperoo fanatic
making new discoveries daily
happy and giggly
a joy
requires a pacifier 
greets you with a smile every morning
master of the stuffed toys 
Scout amazes him
enjoys having his feet played with
future NY Rangers fan
little professor (like his daddy)
doesnt care for naps
in love with his own reflection
studies everything closely
starting to sit on his own
mesmerized by Baby Einstein
obsessed with mobiles
gentle soul
likes baths
sweet baby boy
loves story time
hates tummy time
well dressed little man
didnt inherit his mother's sleeping abilities
did inherit his fathers good eating habits
car/stroller rides=fun
the camera loves him
strangers admire him
his mommy & daddy adore him
daddy's buddy
mommy's precious