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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Monsters. Whether its playing with them, reading about them, or even pretending to be them monsters are a staple in the life of a little boy.  As a mom of a little boy I get it but I admit that creepy crawlies, fangs, and monsters in general are not among my favorite things.  So imagine my surprise (and delight)  when I recently discovered that monsters have undergone a huge makeover and are now fun, quirky, and even *gasp*adorable  (Thanks Monsters Inc!)

So after searching Etsy here are some of my favorite monster picks to share with you

Chasing My Stars makes some of the cutest snuggliest monsters around. Complete with birth certificate and bio card each little critter is hand stitched with love by Mary.

Here are just a few of her monster pals

Mary has a bunch of monsters in her shop waiting for homes. You can even tailor make your own monster and truly make it your own.  I love the idea of letting Drake pick the type, color, number of eyes, etc he wants his little friend to have when he is older. 

With Christmas right around the corner I bet these monster stockings from The Burbs would liven up any mantle.  Drake is a wee bit little to care about stockings yet but Im sure if he were older this would be a must have.  I love that they come in different sizes so the whole family can join in on the monster fun!

I have been meaning to find letters to hang up in Drake's room that spell out his name for some time.  I admit it has been part laziness on my part and part I just havent found the right style of letters for my liking.I have to say though Im in love with this monster letter train from where else Monsteropolis!.  I love the each letter is hand painted and unique.  I love that the monsters ride in on their own little train.   I love that its just the right amount of adorable for a little boys room but still full of monster fun!  Im seriously in love

 Needle felting is a craft I really want to get into.  I tried it years ago without much success but I plan on retrying it again sometime this year..with a kit so Im not all over the place like I was last time.  I can only dream of ever creating something as fun and adorable as this little guy!

How cute would he be sitting on a bookshelf of a window sill of a little boy's room? I love that he is reading a book too!  You ca find him and other amazing monster sculptures at Pipapeip's shop.

I have been obsessed with the Ooga monster print fabric for a while now.  I always see such amazing things being made out of it and lament the fact that I am a terrible sewer.  If you look up Ooga on Etsy youll find tons of creative pieces but I thought this was particularly cute.

Monster boxers from Sublime Threads!

I have always heard that little boys often do not like to wear clothes when they get older so perhaps monster underwear is the solution to this problem!

And lastly of course if youre boy is a monster fan what better way to celebrate then by throwing a monster blowout complete with monster decorations.

SpaceshipLaserbeams has created the perfect DIY monster birthday essentials kit where you can print out and make your own monster bash complete with templates for invitations, cupcake wrappers, favor tags, etc

I am always on the lookout for new boy products so if you have any feel free to contact me at ohboydrake@gmail.com


  1. These are just too cute! You find the best things!

  2. My son has monster pjs and they're my fave bc he IS a little monster and I love seeing him running around in footy monster pjs when he wakes up :)

  3. I there, I love seeing the cute little boy things you post! I have a 5 month old son Bowman, and have so much fun finding adorable boy clothes and toys. I'm following you now, hope you will stop by my blog and follow bakc if you'd like to :D ~Allison