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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things You Should Know About Me

Little Miss Momma is doing a link part called "Things You Should Know About Me If We're Going to be BFFs" so I thought I would join in

Purple is my favorite color

I have a fantastic memory though its gotten worse thanks to sleepless nights with Drake

I have ADHD

Giraffes are my favorite animal and the theme of Drake's nursery

I have a lot of ideas but often need a push to get any of them in motion

Im a true Libra in every sense

I wish to be a professional photographer, an author, a full time blogger

I choose Drake's name after my love of dragons and literature

I'm a terrible gift wrapper and almost always toss things into bags or beg others to wrap the gift for me

Allergies are the bane of my exsistance

Im a chocoholic

I dreamt about my wedding day and becoming a mother since I was a little girl

Im tone deaf  

My birth name was Jennifer, my parents changed it to Jasmine when I was 6 months old

I adore her
I can speak/sign English, Chinese, and American Sign Language

I'm quite loquacious

I'm a bit OCD and must wash my hands after I have handled food

Im in love with the art of Amy Sol
Im an only child and always wanted a sibling, I vow not to have an only child myself
I am a huge Harry Potter and Twilight (book only) fan

I hate being cold
Im claustrophobic and have not flown in a plane in over a decade so this is the only way I vacation

 I won a math contest as a child, that was my peak though and since then math and my brain have not been good friends

Wuthering Heights is my favorite book because it embodies all the things I feel love ought to be, passionate,emotional, maddening

I enjoy watching nature programs and science programs about dinosaurs

Im Taiwanese

We didnt find out Drake's sex till he was born 

I wish I was could be more spontaneous, worry less, be willing to try more things

I try to see the good in all people

Best day of my life
(before having Drake that is)

I love tomatoes in all forms except for sauce

I feel I am full of whimsy and childlike delight

I want to adopt from China

I love reading, especially historical fiction, the classics, and chick lit

I'm a Francophile

I have a wonderful, strong, and ebautiful relationship with God, but have issues with the church

I aspire to be crafty
I learned to crochet specifically so I could make amigurumi (toys) for Drake
 I beleive beauty lies within

I'm not afraid to back down from an argument if its a cause or belief I feel strongly about 

I hate my feet  

I'm an animal lover and have 3 cats and 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


I can cook, I just hate doing it 

I'm obsessed with email and check mine religiously. When I get real email, not junk, Im super excited 
I want to show dogs

When I was pregnant with Drake I carried around a stuffed giraffe named Gus to document my pregnancy.  I blogged about it at Jellybean and Gus

I love celebrity gossip

I am still friends with people I met in nursery school/kindergarten

I feel every year I grow more confident, comfortable in my own skin, and the best is yet to come

My world revolves around this little guy

This guy is pretty awesome too

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  1. I love this post--I really learned a lot about you! (I actually studied abroad for a semester in Taiwan when I was in college) :)