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Thursday, December 9, 2010


  As you might have guessed from the layout of my blog I love all things nautical, whales, anchors etc.  Its a very popular theme for little boys and I personally cant get enough of it .  You will probably see me post more then once on this topic as I am always looking to expand Drake's growing collection.

I have started thinking about Drake's 1st birthday party coming up in June (only 6 months away eek!) and I definitely know its going to be nautically themed.  I have been collecting so many ideas and will probably start sharing some of them here as I start to really put this idea together.  I am hoping to make most of the decor/food/invites etc myself and will keep you updated as the days draw nearer.

In the meantime though here are some recent nautically inspired finds

babyGap recently came out with a nautical themed line and I have to admit Im dying to buy so many things for Drake
Love stripes

There is a little anchor on the shoulder

What little boy doesn't like sharks?

I have an obsession with cute socks so Drake has an amazing sock collection and these are a must have

I wish I could merge these 2 sweaters together.  I love the whale and anchor on this first sweater but I dislike the collar design and wish it was more like the second one.  I love love love the second sweater and was tempted to buy it half a dozen times but I dislike skulls on babies and there is a huge prate skull on the back and kind of turned me off this piece.  If we could merge these two styles together Id be in Heaven

 I heard Janie and Jack is coming out with a spring nautical collection which will release on Dec 13th.  They had a little preview on Facebook and I cant wait to see more.  The anchor print pants are adorable!

This will be drake's outfit for the party.  Im 99% sure.  Its simply too cute to resist and works perfectly with the theme.As it happens a few weeks after Drake's 1st birthday we are taking a family trip on a cruise so this little outfit will be accompanying us on to the high seas! How fitting!

I am always on the lookout for new boy products so if you have any feel free to contact me at ohboydrake@gmail.com


  1. I dig nautical too. Particularly stripes (for me as well :)

    My son is now growing out of those one pieces and I'm so bummed!

  2. I wouldn't mind these pieces for myself! Your little guy is soo cute!!