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Monday, December 6, 2010


It seems like owls have become really popular in the last few years.  Whats great about them is that they work well for both boys and girls.  Kingston from A Little King and I 's mother is making a owl nursery for him and invited others to help out.  I looked through some of my saved links and discovered I had quite a few owl ideas which I shared with her and now Ill share with you

This little pillow is adorable and would look right at home sitting

on this owl shelf

And look at these hand carved owl bookends?

Lee Arthaus has a shop filled with owl art such as these

Owls have also hit the fashion scene

Owl hats

For crocheting mamas like myself there are patterns for hats

Or owl plushes (I hope to try making this sometime)

Even BabyGap has gotten into the owl action with this owl sweater

And velour one piece with tiny owl print

of which I happen to have to model for you

And I leave you with the rest of Drake's owl wardrobe

I am always on the lookout for new boy products so if you have any feel free to contact me at ohboydrake@gmail.com


  1. Love the links-I'm heading over to etsy right now for that shelf! (Sammy has the same owl outfit from Old Navy and his room has an owl & the pussycat theme!)