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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 in 10

These are my top 10 favorite pictures of Drake in 2010

I didnt take this one, I only wish I did.  The talented Marci Yochum did.  Drake was 9 days old and I remember falling in love with this picture the moment Marci sent me the preview.  I love his crooked grin, his teeny tiny body, how peaceful he looks sleeping...I still marvel everytime I look at this picture at the idea that I made this beautiful boy.  That that tiny dot I saw on the screen grew into this beautiful boy.  All the kicks and flutters and rolls came from this tiny person growing inside me.  I know he won't stay little forever, he is already so different from this picture, but in my mind and heart I will always see this sweet precious little boy who stole my heart the moment I met him

This was just after Drake turned 1 month old, his eyes are still that newborn gray color.  Im not going to lie the first month (and the few months after that) were very rough on me.  I was still getting the hang of being a mom, getting no sleep, breastfeeding woes, etc  It made it hard sometimes to really appreciate having Drake at times.  Right around the 1 month mark Drake started to smile a bit more and be a little more engaging.  I started being able to get better pictures of him too. This was after his first pleasant bath.  I laid him down and he just started at me in wonder.  It was early and the lighting in his room was perfect.  Its one of my first non-blurry pictures.  I remember how happy I was about that.

This was also right around the 1 month mark.  I had dressed him up to visit my best friend who was up from Virginia with her own 4 month old baby.  I love that cheeky smirk he is giving me. 

 I had just gotten him that toy dino, named Marlin, and was hoping to get a cute picture of them together.  Who knew I would get such a fabulous picture.  This one is a favorite among his grandmother and aunt.  They love his expression especially with the crazy hair.


I just love this face. From 4 months on Drake's personality just changed.  Its like a switch went off and we had a new baby.  He smiled more, cried less , and became such a joy.  This expression just captures it all I think.  Just a happy giggly baby...who was way over due for a haircut lol.

We had introduced Gavin monkey to him a few weeks prior to this picture as a tool in helping him sleep better at night.  We took Gavin everywhere with him (still do) and Im so glad we have this picture of the two of them together.  Love his little smile too.

Drake is my little dragon so needless to say this picture captures it all for me.  I saw this outfit on babygap and rushed out to get it first change I got.  I love reading and dragons (my main user ID is enchantingdragon) and when it came to naming Drake my husband and I didnt see eye to eye.  I had wanted a literary name tied to my own passion for books but all of the literary names I adored my husband hated.  Then I stumbled onto the name Drake.  I immediately loved it for the dragon association and surprisingly so did my husband so even though its not a literary character name like I had wanted I still feel it fits as dragons are featured in much of literature.  He is my baby dragon. 

 Even though he isnt smiling, and even looks kind of mad, I think his expression is priceless here.  I was snapping away trying to get him to smile and instead of a smile I got this look.  I think this is just a taste of the expressions Ill get when he is older whenever I ask him to smile for the camera.

 His first experience with snow.  Later this same spot would be covered in over 2 ft of snow from our first blizzard of the season.  I love how happy he looks just laying on the ground as the snow swirls around him.  He lifted his arm to look at the snow on his arm as if to say "Whats all this white stuff on me!"


 And I just took this one yesterday. It was right after he woke up for the day, our special time together when the rest of the world is till asleep, and I put him down on the couch to practice sitting up.  He slid down immediately smiling all the while. It just shows how happy go lucky he is these days and what a joy of a baby he has become.  We are so blessed.

Thanks for looking!  Cant wait to see your pics!


  1. Drake is so beautiful. My son's hair looked similar to his when he was born. It was dark, thick, and long. Now his hair is blonde.

    Thanks for linking up today. I enjoyed reading about and viewing your photos.

  2. OK crazy Jack is wearing the green dinosaur from the Gap right now!!!

  3. They are all cute, but that 1st one is so precious! I love the name Drake. I wanted that to be my sons name, but hubby didn't like it. Great photos.

  4. All gorgeous! He's brings a smile to my face every time.

    Happy New Year loves!!

  5. Look at all that hair!! I love it!! I just adore the first one!! Who doesn't love a sleeping baby!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!