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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Outfit inspiration

I have to admit I have become smitten.  Its become so bad that I find myself dreaming about it.  Is it terrible that instead of a fabulous designer gown or a gorgeous pair of heels the outfit Im dreaming of isn't even for me...its for Drake!
Here it is in all its loveliness

Its from Petit Confection and my love for it has grown so strong that I have decided to change up Drake's first birthday party just so he can wear it.  

I had originally wanted to host a nautical themed 1st birthday part for Drake complete with this sailor outfit (also from Petit Confection)

but I realized that many of my ideas such as whale shaped crayons would be lost on Drake and his peers since they are a bit too young still.  I have decided to move his nautical themed birthday party back to when he is 3-4ish and create a new vision for his 1st birthday complete with this new outfit as my inspiration.  I am still in the planning stage with ideas (I want to DIY as much as I can) simply because Im still debating whether to host it indoors or outdoors.  I really want to do it outside at my mother's home but I worry about rain adn wonder if I shouldn't chance it and have it inside. I just feel a June birthday would be so much more fun outdoors.  Ill start posting some ideas up once I make a decision about location. 

Anyways plans for Drake's amazing 1st birthday party are coming!

In the meantime even though this was a wordy post I thought I would post a picture up for Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Even though the snow has stopped its been pretty windy out so we havent tried letting Drake sit in the snow yet.  This was taken yesterday when we briefly took him outside.


  1. Aww, I love both those outfits! I think a nautical theme would be a lot of fun, but I'm excited to hear what you come up with to go with the other outfit!

  2. Both outfits are adorable! I might have to check out the sailor outfit for Sammy's one-year photos. :)

  3. Eh... to be honest, I don't like the first outfit at all, but the second one is cute.

  4. Oh my cuteness! baby W has the first outfit listed! I love it! and now I want the second one :)