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Friday, January 14, 2011

Some birthday ideas

So as you might recall from a previous post I have been thinking a lot about Drake's first birthday party. My big dilemma is  whether to host the party inside or outside.  Since Drake is born in June I have always envisioned an outside party under a tent in my mom's back yard.  Drake's daddy however is less keen on this idea as he is concerned about it raining.  Rain would certainly put a damper on the festivities but I just feel all my ideas are better suited for an outdoor venue.  The theme kind of came to me after laying my eyes on this adorable outfit

When I see this little romper I envision a long summer days outside sipping lemonade, blowing pinwheels, playing with childlike abandon and thus these ideas came to me...

Gingham fabric buntings flowing in the wind

(picture taken from Camille Styles)

Pinwheels of varying sizes resting in mason jars

A lemonade station waiting for the masses
(I actually own this exact set just never used it yet)

And a candy buffet that fulfills every child's wildest dreams

I see it all in shades of blue and white to match that little romper

Lastly I recently found this little ensemble and am now in a quandary about which outfit to get Drake

This piece is vintage and thus while Mandy (the owner) of Opal has laid out the measurements of this outfit since there is no size tag Im unsure about whether Drake will fit it when the time comes.  Im not good with numbers and I tried measuring one of his 12 month old outfits but Im still unsure about the sizing.  I worry about the sizing with the other outfit too but Im sure I can return that one if it doesnt fit while this one I wont be able to.  The plus side of this one is that even with shipping its like a fractionof the cost of the other which makes me want to get it for that reason alone.

So what do you think of my ideas?  Are they totally lame?  Do you think it would have the same whimsical fun nature Im imagining if it was held inside?  Which outfit do you think fits better with my vision?  
PS Im going to try to DIY most of this myself...


  1. I think it all looks and sounds fabulous! (And I vote for outdoors weather permitting)

  2. The pinwheels and lemonade really got me!