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Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Shoes

Ugh!  I had a whole post written and then for some reason it didnt save and when I tried to post nothing *sigh*

Drake has been happily standing (with support) for over a month now so I wonder if walking isnt too far away.  Its funny as both Paul and I were late walkers, I was 14 months Paul 16 months, so we just assumed that Drake would be too but I guess he takes after grandpa (Paul's dad walked at 9 months) instead.  Still I think we can eek by this winter without having to worry about shoes just yet though I might change my mind if I could get my hands on one of these cute boots

For the younger boys there are these Robez Monster shoes that look more cuddly then scary if you ask me

And for older boys who also love monsters there is this pair by EMU.  I love the spikes along the back  It makes me think a little of Domo-kun

 And what boy wouldnt love slippers shaped like a shark or a crocodile that also light up (shark) or glow in the dark (croc)?? 

And even though its probably ridiculous to wear crocs in the winter even if they are fur lined how can anyone resist this penguin? (comes in pink too for moms of girls!)

I am always on the lookout for new boy products so if you have any feel free to contact me at ohboydrake@gmail.com


  1. You always track down the cutest boys stuff!! I LOVE the robeez boots - so adorable. I'm going to have to find Kale a pair.

  2. Those are all so cute! I love baby shoes!

  3. I love the EMU dino boots! I may have to get a pair for Sammy!

  4. For boys stuff, these are fabulous!!