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Monday, February 21, 2011


Drake's birthday is coming up soon and I have 2 photo sessions planned for him.  One I have scheduled for May in a local park by a photographer in the area who was running a great special on baby sessions.  She is still scoping out locals for me but if she okays the park I would like to shoot at it will have a tiny old town village, a little church, and a full size running train!  Im uber excited about that since my husband's grandpa loved trains so there are a lot of pictures of the two of them on trains together so it would be cute to have the same of Drake.  I also have a $50 credit to use toward another photographer (that was the contest I entered Drake in and he came in 3rd place!)  So the last few days my head has been spinning as I tried to work out what outfits Drake should wear for what occasion.  I emailed the photographer a few times and am waiting to hear back from her but these are my current thoughts

I was torn between these two looks for the shoot

I am partial to the suspender look and think it would look so adorable with a train.  I might pair it with a blue polo instead of the white.  

My though is if I can get the other photo session to be a cake smash I might use the blue overalls presmash and use the suspender look for the outdoor shoot.  I just think the suspenders would look more darling in an outdoor setting.

Also I am in love with this new layette line from Janie and Jack set to hit stores this week

I am planning on buying this set and the bucket hat

Do you think this would make a good first birthday party outfit?  Do you like it more then my other choices

I think my other choices are a bit fancier where as the overalls are more casual?  I guess for a little boy it wont matter that much right?


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  1. You definitely need to get him an engineer's cap for the photo shoot! They had some really adorable ones at the Children's Place that would look great with either outfit. :D