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Friday, February 18, 2011

Binkies & Teeth

Drake is pacifier obsessed and has been since the day he was born.  We affectionately call his pacifiers "friends" because they seem to be just that, emotionally supporting to him in times of crisis...like an afternoon nap.  Drake's preferred brand is Soothies but sadly the shape and design of Soothies don't readily allow for pacifier clips (they have them but they are big and bulky and weigh the pacifier down)  Drake dislikes the pacifier clip so we have done without them for now.  Unfortunately we have now run into the age where tossing and letting things drop is fun and thus we have had hit a huge loss in "friends"  Even after I rebuy (I ought to buy stock in the company at this point) we still lose a few here and there.  Recently a friend of mine told me about these MAM pacifiers that had dragons on them.  Well I just had to check them out.  They are called MAM Fairytale and they come in a set of two, a dragon and knight for boys; a fairy and princess for girls. 

I went out and got them since I couldnt resist the fairytale theme and since they had pacifier clips for them I figured perhaps we could make a transition and maybe not lose as many pacifiers.  No Drake didnt care for them.  He sticks it in his mouth and then spits it out and then looks for a soothie instead.  Im going to keep them with me as a backup and keep at it but its not looking like a go for now.
I managed to take these shots before they were rejected

Also Drake has had 2 teeth for a while but I never was able to get a shot until the other day.  Its blurry but here are our toofers!


  1. Aww, baby teeth! So cute! Very impressed that you were able to capture a shot of the little guys.

  2. Biggie never took to a pacifier and when we sleep trained, we got rid of it altogether. Sometimes I wish I had something to calm him down though!

  3. I haven't tried it myself, but friends have told me that the MAM pacifier clips will fit on a soothies binky. Might be worth a try.

  4. Try the Gumdrop pacifiers-- you can get them at Target and BRU, made by The First Years-- they are the same nipple as the Soothie, but they are curved to fit the face better, and they have a little hole in the part that you grab to put a paci clip in.