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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caterpillar Fella

Oh my poor neglected blog.  Im sorry to everyone I have kinda lost some momentum, thanks for hanging in there with me.  I hope inspiration hits me soon. I hope this post will help jump start something!

So I have been patiently waiting for the new Gymboree line.  I had heard rumors for some time on the forum I frequent that the theme was going to be some kind of bug.  Yuck!  Bugs of all kinds freak me out.  I know as a mom of boys sadly this is going to be a part of my life soon.  Still my intense dislike and fear of bugs is probably proportionally larger then most people as even the mere sight of some cartoon bugs can send me scampering from the room.  A while back I did a post about Crazy 8's new ant line which had me shaking in my boots (much to my husband's amusement!)

So imagine my own shock when I saw the pictures for the new upcoming caterpillar line which i absolutely adored.

Really this piece sold me

Im suck a sucker for things with faces and ears as evident by these pictures

After seeing that jacket I knew I had to add it to Drake's growing collection of animal attire.

I am thinking of pairing it with this shirt and pants set

While this onesie is probably cuter the little bug still gets me a little

Some other cute pieces from this line

  Caterpillar Fella hits stores on Monday I believe

I am always on the lookout for new boy products so if you have any feel free to contact me at ohboydrake@gmail.com


  1. Oh man, that hoodie is adorable! (And glad to see you back on the blog--I was missing you!)

  2. I love anything with ears! Drake is getting so big!

    Time off is good. Gets the creative juices flowing again!

  3. OMG, Lil' Drake is so cute! Props to you for searching far and wide for cute boy clothes. There really isn't enough of it haha =)

    Following you now ^_^