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Thursday, March 17, 2011

MAM Blogger of the month!

Sorry I have been missing in action recently, last week my hours at work were longer then usual and I was so tired added to the fact that the weather is finally turning here (we get a blamy 70 degrees Friday!) meaning Spring has finally decided to come Ive been trying to be outside more and enjoying the warmer sunnier days.  Its Drake's first spring!  Im so excited to start taking him out on stroller walks, visiting local parks, playdates & picnics everything!  I can't wait.  Anyways I have big news as MAM chose me for blogger of the month for my previous post on their pacifiers 

Here is the blurb about Oh Boy that went out with their newsletter

Oh Boy is a blog dedicated to finding cute things for little boys.   Jasmine created this blog after her son Drake was born and she discovered that in the world of children, girl items dominate the market. Whenever Jasmine talked to other moms of boys, the conversation would inevitably come back to the fact that there just weren't as many cute things out there for boys as girls.   But didn't her sweet baby boy deserve to have adorable outfits, flashy accessories, and fun toys geared toward him too?   Jasmine decided to start looking out for cute items just for him, cataloging them slowly in her mind. Then she thought she can't be the only mom out there hunting for her son and thus Oh Boy was born.

Im so honored to have been chosen! 

In their newsletter they talk about their new teething rings they made.  Drake is teething bad these days (still only those 2 bottom ones so far) and I have been looking into buying some teethers for him for his Easter Basket and I think this MAM one might be perfect!

I like that he can hold on to it by himself, it can be put in the fridge, but most importantly its BPA free!  Ive been having the hardest time finding teethers that are BPA free and thats a big thing for me since its going into Drake's mouth so this is a huge plus in my book.  Ill let you all know how Drake likes it when we test it out!

And lastly since I have been gone for so long I leave you with a cute picture of Drake playing at Gymboree class!


  1. Congrats on being chosen! I'm glad to see that you're back on your blog again--I missed you! :)

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