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Friday, December 3, 2010


I cant beleive Christmas is almost here!  This year flew by so quick.  I cant believe tomorrow Drake is going to be 6 months old!  When he was born it was hot, humid, and summer and now the leaves are falling, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is around the corner.  I have been busy trying to finish some amigurumis I started as holiday gifts. 

I am currently working on making this little guy for a secret gift swap Im participating in on my mommy forums.  The little boy Im making this for lives on a air force base so I thought a little plane of his own would be a perfect gift. 
I am also making some more little houses for another gift package for a friend

Now that I have Drake crocheting takes me a lot longer then it use to and after work Im often too tired to count stitches properly.  Still with the weekend coming up I do hope to be able to complete the plane and work on my 2nd house.

I had wanted to make Drake a little toy this year as well even if he might be a bit too young to appreciate it still.  Before I had Drake I made him a ton of toys

but still for his first Christmas shouldn't he get something new?

I finally decided, after browsing around at patterns, on this little guy
He is small enough that I think Ill be able to get him done in time and Im partial to dragons (one of the reasons we named Drake Drake)

So hopefully Ill have some completed shots posted here real soon.  Now I need to get off the computer and start hooking!

All the pictures above, save the one of the changing table, are taken by Ana Paulaoli the creator of the patterns.

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  1. Happy 6-month birthday Drake!

    Girl, I can't believe you make these! You're super talented. You should open up an Etsy shop!